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Board Members

The California Health and Safety Code, Section 13840, vests the governing authority of fire districts with a legislative body known as a board of directors. There are two qualifications statutorily required of an elected member:

  1. He/she shall be a resident of the district, and
  2. He/she shall be a registered voter of the district.

The District has adopted a comprehensive set of policies and a job description designed to help elected board members effectively function in the decision making process, effectively work as part of the administration/leadership team, stay within the legal bounds of his/her authority, and represent the District’s customers in the appropriate manner.

The District recognizes the value of diversified experiences, backgrounds and expertise provided by individual board members and strives to utilize and incorporate that experience and expertise at every opportunity.

The Ebbetts Pass Fire District Board of Directors meets monthly. Click here for more information about the Monthly Meetings