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Burn Permits

CalFIRE Burn Permits available online:  Click Here

Burning is allowed–be sure to listen to the message on the burn information line at 209-754-6600 for appropriate burn hours on permissive burn days/nights.

EPFD personnel wish to remind residents to be extremely careful when burning even during fall and winter months.  It’s just good practice.


    Keep your piles no larger than 4 feet in diameter.

    Clear at least 10 feet to bare dirt in all directions around your burn pile.

    Stay in attendance at all times with a shovel and a water source.

    Upon completion of burn, apply enough water to assure fire is dead out.

    Never burn on windy days !

    Burn only on permissive air pollution burn days.

For burn day information, call the following numbers:

    Calaveras County    754-6600

    Tuolumne County    533-5598